AIS | Animal Influencer Salon


Paws for Change is proud to create and host the first ever Animal Influencer Salon. This preeminent event is a gathering of open-minded, inquisitive, animal-oriented social media influencers coming together to stimulate creative ideas and thoughts that ultimately cultivate conscious action to improve animal health and wellness around the planet. This invitational gathering is custom-curated for influencers from the pet world who spread the word on raising healthier, longer-living pets, and who want to connect with others doing the same, and learn how to use social media to reach larger audiences and to promote positivity, tolerance, and kindness in our pet-related community. To get involved or become a sponsor for this event, click here.


Rodney Habib

Rodney Habib is perhaps the most easily recognized Pet Parent due to his establishing the world's fastest growing pet health Facebook page, called Planet Paws. 

The Animal Influencer Salon represents a long standing desire to coalesce all of the talent and innovation in the world of pet care, and create a community of story tellers focused on sharing the details and nuances of the latest research on canine and feline longevity.